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Newborn Session Prep Tips for Mom and Dad

Planning for your upcoming newborn session can be tricky! Here are some helpful tips and tricks that can make the session run smoothly for you and your little one.

Where should the session take place?

Sessions in your own home will be more comfortable for you and your little one, so I highly recommend an "on-location" session. The sounds, smells, and feels of home will help your baby stay relaxed, and you will too!

Don't worry too much about not having a big empty space for your session, you won't need it! Often, the best place for the session to take place is on a couch, comfy chair, or bed. Newborn pictures are focused on your little one, so the background usually won't be seen! When in doubt, feel free to ask your photographer to bring a backdrop if you're worried.

When should the session be?

Usually a newborn session is best within their first few weeks of life. I would recommend anywhere from about 2-6 weeks old. This way, you've had some time to get to know each other and figure out your baby's schedule, but they are still sleepy and happy enough to have their little feet moved a bit without kicking the photographer (ha!).

Try to have your baby just fed so they’re extra happy for the session, but you know your baby best! When is usually a good time to catch them in a relaxed or sleepy mood? Often having them fed shortly before the session is the best way to ensure they're as happy as can be, and ready for a post-snack nap.

Natural lighting makes for warm, natural photos, so more natural light the better! Your photographer probably has lighting they can bring as well, but natural lighting is always nicest.

We'll want to have the space nice and warm for your little one. If it might be cold, have a space heater handy, which we can direct at your little one to keep them comfy.

What sort of photos are you hoping for?

If you would like naked or diaper only shots, be sure to have on loose clothing so that there are no clothing lines, and wrap the diaper loosely. It is also helpful to have any props (hats, headbands, toys, blankets, etc.) ready to go that you may want to use. A few outfit changes is totally okay! This can depend on your baby, and when they'll get sick of getting dressed and moved around while they're trying to relax.

Are you hoping for photos of just your baby, or some with you or other family members present? If you'd like to be in the photos too, wearing contrasting (i.e. dark) clothing is helpful. Be sure to let your photographer know so that they can plan accordingly for background, lighting, and more, if adults, other children or pets will be included too.

Most importantly...

Relax, and have fun! We'll take the time to get a variety of pictures, so don't panic about needing to soothe them during the session. It happens! Enjoy your session with your adorable new baby, and prepare yourself for some seriously cute photos.

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