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Gallagher Wedding Martin River August 2021 (188 of 229).jpg

Tom and Lynn Gallagher
Martin River, August 1 2021

After waiting so long for their special day, Lynn and Tom were able to celebrate their marriage at their family cottage, surrounded by the most beautiful natural landscape.

Their wedding day was full of happy tears, special moments, opportunities to connect with family members from far away, and the most perfect weather.

After having the opportunity to get to know Lynn and Tom through a few other sessions while we waited for their wedding, I was especially touched to finally see how much they and their family appreciated and enjoyed their wedding day.

I do so love a groom who cries!

With this beautiful scenery and sweet family members, their ceremony was so heartfelt and genuine.

Tom's family had a member of the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra come to the wedding to play for them, and restored Tom's father's old violin for him to play for them.

It was just about the sweetest thing I've ever seen, and there wasn't a dry eye to be seen.

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