Events Photography

Events photography varies widely depending on your requirements, as most event requirements vary so widely I do not have a standard pricing or procedure. Please contact with specific details to receive unique pricing details for your event. Events I have covered in the past include conferences, charity events such as Relay for Life and Walk for Juvenile Diabetes, and special events such as Annual Cadet Reviews.

Charity Events

Depending on my availability, I am always open to volunteering my time for charitable events for a reduced cost or free of charge. I have previously volunteered my time at Relay for Life North Bay, JDRF (Walk for Juvenile Diabetes), and Near North Palliative Care Live Butterfly Release, and others. Please contact me with any requests for assistance wth your event.

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Media Coverage

I have covered various events for media services, which have been published in a variety of publications, including the North Bay Nugget. 

Please contact me for more information about my availability and ability to cover your event.

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Conferences and Group Events including Headshots

Please contact me well ahead of time if you would like your conference or group event to be recorded for either personal or business use, as they are typiclaly a large time committment. Depending on the focus of your conference, I can also offer a mini headshot session during the conference for attendees. 

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